President, CEO, Mr. Shigeo MARUO Chairman, Dr. Masamichi IPPOMMATSU

@In this globalization century, it is very important for any manufactures to keep its leading role in outstanding technology. It is well known that the AlGaInN nitride epitaxial growth which Dr. Akasaki and Dr. Amamo intensively conducted pioneer research at Meijo-univ. , which led to the first blue LEDs, has potentiality to change our life. Behind the background above, eUV Craftory Co., Ltd.(UVC)f was established to develop market available eDeep UV LEDs (DUV-LED)f, by applying their latest achievement at Meijo university. In March 2007, UVC acquired all technical assets related to AlGaInN from eOsaka Gasf who had conducted the collaboration with Meijo university.

@In order to develop the innovative technology, thorough scientific knowledge is not sufficient. It is also indispensable to have a frontier spirit and to keep the mind of challenging the unknown as well as a serendipity. However, it is not easy to keep the spirits up. Board members of UVC believe that young researchers grow up by being encouraged by Dr. Akasaki and Dr. Amano, who are the true pioneers on nitride semiconductor in the world. Frontier spirits are deeply built and maintained at high level in UVC to accomplish the world leading achievement by supporting innovative ideas.

@Finally, the board members of UVC are eager to make our company as a market leader in the forthcoming practical stage by means of maximum utilization of our state-of-the-art technology in AlGaN based DUV-LEDs.