UV Crafory (UVC) was established dated on July 13th, 2006, with a capital of 10 million yen. At that time, Profs Akasaki and Amano at Meijo University had demonstrated the deep ultraviolet LEDs including the sterilization ray of which wavelength is 254 nm using AlGaN material grown on AlN templates grown at high temperature. The aim of the UVC was constructing the bridge over what we say ‘death valley’, which means to connect the actual market and basic results.

 On Oct. 17th 2007, 14th building of Meijo University was built and almost all experimental apparatuses were installed within a couple of days, and the laboratory of which area was 400 m2 became almost full. On Feb. 2008, headquarters has officially located at this building. In April 2008, a number of employees reached 14 including 3 phDs, and started the intensive development.

 On Apr. 1st 2012, Nikkiso Co. Ltd acquired the additional 35% stocks and they shared by 70%. Then, on Oct. 18th 2013, they announced the construction of the mass production factory on the Suburbs of Kanazawa, Ishikawa.